Goodbye Chariot

The Chariot disappears, shown here with optional toilet facility
The Chariot disappears, shown here with optional toilet facility

The nice teachers from Poole have bought our trailer so the era has really ended. Let’s hope they have lots of fun with it.

The End of an Era

Me and Tom at Hartshill Haze
Me and Tom at Hartshill Haze

Looks like we’ve sold our trusty chariot child trailer today, as Tom is getting too big and heavy for it. The trailer really was one of the best things we ever bought – we had some truly great rides with Tommy in it. This picture is of me and Tom at Hartshill Hayes near Nuneaton back in August 2004 when Tom was just 5 months old. The trailer has taken Tom on rides around Portsmouth, the South Downs, The Isle of Wight, Dorset, Devon, Warwickshire, Brittany and the Champagne country. A truly marvellous contraption.
Now some nice people are coming to look at it and maybe buy it from us tomorrow.
Still, if they do buy it then it puts a few pounds into the tandem fund. Hoorah!


Amanda’s Cock

Have spent loads of time photographing prints to upload today with rather mixed results. There is quite a bit of distortion in some of the images, plus reflections of me and my tripod from those in frames. Might have to try again tomorrow with the scanner.

Day zero

View from the Spinnaker Tower

Today I mainly worked on building this website. It was a sunny day but I didn’t go out much so here is a photo from last week when I did.