All images are original artworks by Amanda Morris and Jon Spencer, and are copyright, please do not re-use them without our permission. All images scanned using a scanner someone gave us ‘cos they didn’t want it anymore. Nothing has been spared in the pursuit of excellence.

If you would like more information on how to get hold of an original print then please get in touch – see About Us.

Cranes and Boats and Planes (but no Planes)

A compilation of Amanda's greatest hits of 2010.

7 Photos

Pink Pompey and Other Pleasures

A mixed bag of prints by Jon from 2010. Themed around:

  1. Being melodramatically miserable about my old job
  2. Carpet bombing from two viewpoints
  3. Portsmouth icons rendered in pink - Pompey Pride

8 Photos


Amanda has been playing with some images of the cranes in Portsmouth dockyard for a while now. These are some experimental (i.e. unfinished) prints she has been working on.

19 Photos


A series of prints from an original etching by Amanda based on Tommy digging around in the amphitheatre in Verona.

8 Photos

Amanda Prints

A variety of prints from Amanda’s vast back catalogue. These have all been photographed and there is a bit of distortion and some reflection in some images. I will fix this in due course. Most of these images are etchings but there are also a couple of blind embossed prints (the all-white images).

23 Photos


Trapped in a searchlight and fighting for life. An exercise in futility.

2 Photos

Bikes Galore

Fruits of some days spent at Omega Printmakers.

8 Photos

Jon Prints

A few images from Jon’s limited back catalogue in his unique naif style, developed by having a total lack of drawing talent. The prints were photographed to get these images and there is some distortion/reflection. All of these images are printed from etchings on copper plate.

9 Photos

Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is struggling to find a new logo. Some of the ideas gave me an idea.

4 Photos

Symbols, Icons, Image, Text

The fruits of a day's labour at Badger Press on a relief printing course for Amanda and Jon.

17 Photos

Christmas Card 2008

Images of Santa and Rudolph riding a tandem. As used on our christmas card in 2008.

3 Photos

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