More Millenium Angst

millenium-spirals-lr_0.pngI have been working a bit more on Millenium Angst, trying to give it the look of a double groove vinyl disc.

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BNP New LogoDon’t talk politics and don’t throw stones.  Well I’m briefly doing both.  I am scared that today the lovely folks at the BNP are going to reap the benefit of discontent with moats and duckhouses.  Please don’t vote for them.  They are fascists.  I made a nice new logo for them to help them get their policies across clearly and also because I hate them using MY flag to represent their fascist shit.

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Illuminated LOL, poem and background rgb 1998Has the phrase LOL ever been used to comment on something that was actually funny?  I don’t think so. It is an excellent way to provoke violence imho.  Don’t get me started on bloody imho!

Look and lol at my lovely pictures!

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Printing Relief

Schweinehund - BlueYesterday Amanda and I spent the day on a relief printing course at Badger Press in Bishop’s Waltham. We had a great day with some inspiring tuition. It was my first experience of linocutting and I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. My designs were based on ideas I had worked up in inkscape beforehand and are maybe quite simplistic but I’m really pleased with them. I sometimes doubt that I can create anything with my hands so it was great fun proving my doubts wrong & overcoming the Schweinehund.

I have uploaded the images here.

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All Teeth No Eyes

All Teeth, No EyesI’ve been trying to come up with an idea to work on at a printmaking course on Saturday. I came up with a simple design based on a piece of writing I’ve been playing with, about irrational fear of one’s fellow man.  It’s called “All Teeth, No Eyes“.

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PoisonitisA new idea based on the figure from population.  It is kind of a self portrait.  Me with peritonitis.  Might do some work based on my other health disasters.

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Pretoria News

Pretoria News - Generic RGBMore progess on “A Walk Around St Ann’s“. I have completed my first proof of Pretoria News and uploaded it to the gallery.

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Free Art

Penguin by Elmo Feluhlah

Penguin by Elmo Feluhlah

There we were mooching around Southsea on sunday morning when Tom spots this brilliant spray-painted picture of a penguin stapled to a tree just by the toilets next to Waitrose. There was a little tag on it that said ** FREE ART ** so it is now Tom’s. He was most excited. The artist (Elmo Feluhlah) has a Flickr feed of her stuff:

It seems there is a group of folk in Portsmouth called Portsmouth Creative Movement that organise drops of free art around the city from time to time. Cool.

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A Spot of Spurting

North Terrace AP3

North Terrace AP3

I have obtained, courtesy of Mr Ellis, an eccentric millionaire, a rather splendid high quality inkjet printer. I have also obtained, courtesy of shopping, some samples of very some nice papers from St Cuthbert’s Mill and Hahnenmulle.  I have therefore been printing and have produced some splendid prints of ‘Population’ on Hahnenmulle German Etching paper and of ‘St Ann’s North Terrace’ and ‘Scott’s Bakery’ on Hahnenmulle Monet Canvas.  They look splendid and I suggest everyone should have one on their walls.  More eccentric millionaire benefactors sought.

One of the effects of producing printed proofs is of course that you spot all the mistakes.  Consequently there is a new version of ‘St Ann’s North Terrace’.

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Helping Hand

Helping Hand - Generic RGB I think it shows that I have been reading too much Modern Toss recently, as I have rather nicked their house style.

The point is that we should all make the effort to help each other and be nice. Except I’m not going to bother, you can all …

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