Rock'n'Roll StarFirstly, let me say that I think that the 10:10 campaign to try to reduce the carbon we put into the atmosphere by 10% by 2010 is extremely laudable.  I have even signed up to it.

However (there had to be one), a few weeks ago there was a centre spread in the guardian (other limp liberals may have seen it too) of lots of people holding up pink cards with their 10:10 pledges on.  The pledges were things like “To smoke only 10 cigarettes a day” and “to waste less food” or “grow veg on the balcony”.  This got me thinking.  All these things were good, in as far as they went, but are things like that really enough to make the difference needed to keep planet earth habitable to humans?

Then I started to think about the sort of pledges that people could make that really would make a difference, the sort of thing that an individual could do that would really cut their emissions but might be a little uncomfortable (like dying) and started to play with images of them. There are only two so far, but here they are.

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