BNP New LogoDon’t talk politics and don’t throw stones.  Well I’m briefly doing both.  I am scared that today the lovely folks at the BNP are going to reap the benefit of discontent with moats and duckhouses.  Please don’t vote for them.  They are fascists.  I made a nice new logo for them to help them get their policies across clearly and also because I hate them using MY flag to represent their fascist shit.

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4 Responses to Extremists

  1. john prescott says:

    how f@%£ing dare you, you daft bint your’e just saying its fascist because you thinkits cool to say that and you think people will like it. but really in 20 or thirty this country wont be british and will be covered in a yashmack* and you , well you and me and every british blood person will be stoned to death ha ha bnp is fascist thats what there trying to get rid of so take a step back and stop trying to be funny you melt.

    • jas says:

      Well, you seem to have given up on the English language already. Oh, and by the way, no-one is trying to be funny.

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