Slowly Downward

Such a Pretty House

Such a Pretty House

Yesterday we took a day trip to Brighton to see an exhibition by one of our favourite artists Stanley Donwood at the ink_d gallery. Stanley is famous for producing the cover art for feelgood pop sensations Radiohead, who are much admired in these parts. The artwork really does stand on its own merits though and I would recommend it to everybody. It will improve your attitude to your fellow man.

The exhibition was uplifting (really) and inspring. It covered works dating back to the late nineties (like that pictured – “Such a Pretty House”, which was the cover for “No Surprises”) and is apparently the first screenprint produced by the artist. Anyone who has done any printing will recognise that that is no mean feat – it is an eleven colour print of complex design. The work continued right up to the recent beast series.

A highlight was a selection of prints from the “London Views” and “Fleet Street Apocalypse” print series. These were printed on silver and gold leaf and looked truly astounding. For those who haven’t seen these prints they are black and white images produced as linocuts illustrating an imagined end of days for London. They are intricate prints produced by a great craftsman and artist. Check them out at:

I should put in a word for the gallery too – there was lots of other interesting work on display and looks like some good events coming up. They were helpful and very friendly and kept Tom entertained and supplied with stickers while we looked around.

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