Free Art

Penguin by Elmo Feluhlah

Penguin by Elmo Feluhlah

There we were mooching around Southsea on sunday morning when Tom spots this brilliant spray-painted picture of a penguin stapled to a tree just by the toilets next to Waitrose. There was a little tag on it that said ** FREE ART ** so it is now Tom’s. He was most excited. The artist (Elmo Feluhlah) has a Flickr feed of her stuff:

It seems there is a group of folk in Portsmouth called Portsmouth Creative Movement that organise drops of free art around the city from time to time. Cool.

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One Response to Free Art

  1. elmo says:

    Oooh yay!! glad Tom Liked it.

    You are welcome to come out any time to one of out meets.

    Also, feel free to contribute to the August afair…. ;)

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