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A new idea based on the figure from population.  It is kind of a self portrait.  Me with peritonitis.  Might do some work based on my other health disasters.

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Pretoria News

More progess on “A Walk Around St Ann’s“. I have completed my first proof of Pretoria News and uploaded it to the gallery.

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Free Art

There we were mooching around Southsea on sunday morning when Tom spots this brilliant spray-painted picture of a penguin stapled to a tree just by the toilets next to Waitrose. There was a little tag on it that said ** … Continue reading

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A Spot of Spurting

I have obtained, courtesy of Mr Ellis, an eccentric millionaire, a rather splendid high quality inkjet printer. I have also obtained, courtesy of shopping, some samples of very some nice papers from St Cuthbert’s Mill and Hahnenmulle.  I have therefore … Continue reading

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Helping Hand

I think it shows that I have been reading too much Modern Toss recently, as I have rather nicked their house style. The point is that we should all make the effort to help each other and be nice. Except … Continue reading

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I like Linux, me. I like it because I am a spod and because verily it is good. As I run Linux on a very old PC that other operating systems may find uncomfortable I decided to switch from the Gnome desktop to Xfce. One thing I wanted to be able to do but now couldn’t was rotate images in place in the Thunar file manager. I tried a few remedies from Goolge but kept finding shortcomings with them (like JPEGs have embedded thumnails that don’t necessarily get rotated with the image and that thumnails are stored in a cache so unless you update this too even if you rotate the file the thumnail may still look the wrong way round). Continue reading

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Slowly Downward

Yesterday we took a day trip to Brighton to see an exhibition by one of our favourite artists Stanley Donwood at the ink_d gallery. Stanley is famous for producing the cover art for feelgood pop sensations Radiohead, who are much … Continue reading

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Magical Objects

At the beginning of this week I was allocated my magical object in the course I am on. It is a small vinyl purse. At first I was unimpressed by it but now it has been transformed into a magical … Continue reading

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A bit of housekeeping

Just had a bit of a move around here at printsink. I have created an index page for digital artwork that is linked from the menu bar at the top and moved all the family photos onto picasa and linked … Continue reading

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