Local Linos

pierrollercoasterTeaselsbandstand Local places captured in simple lino form. I have been taking local buildings, sights and views and translating them into simple linos. Here are just some of them and, of course, there are many more to capture yet.


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Seeking structureA trip to the Palatine region of Germany inspired this print which is part of a series taking inspiration from a weather beaten castle on a small mount in the forest. The walls were worn and pitted reflecting inner thoughts and emotions.

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Beside the seaside

On the Shore Three SeashellsSeaside views with ‘Three Seashells’ & ‘On the shore’ – who doesn’t like a seashell – especially when you live a footstep from the sea.


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Festive Jumper

Festive JumperThis  simple lino cut is my Christmas card design – a warm red jumper with holly motif.  I love wool, woolly jumpers and knitting. As I have just resumed knitting a jumper which I started knitting over 6 years ago I was inspired to put a festive woolly on my Christmas card.

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CranesDaringI have been obsessed by the Dockyard cranes for some time. ‘Cranescape’ is one of my favourites. I have recently been working on an etching which combines the cranes with naval ships.  ‘Daring’ is a work in progress – it has a long way to go. Etchings take time, there are many processes to go through (etching the line, aquatint, adding textures and so on) and you don’t know exactly what you are getting until you take it out of the acid and make a print.  ‘Daring’ may have a number of reincarnations but i will get there  – watch this space.

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Rapt, an Edition.

RaptI have just completed an edition of Linocut prints which I have decided to call ‘Rapt’.  The image is based on a sculpture I saw at the annual exhibition in Chichester Cathedral Cloisters.  The sculpture by Kate Denson and is entitled “Sun Day Worship”.  It is of a young woman sitting on a bench, with one knee drawn to her chest.  She seems to be lost in some sort of reverie; be it of sorrow, fancy or epiphany.  She is alone with her thoughts and unaware of the world around.

The print is a lino from two blocks, printed on acid free Somerset 225 gsm paper.  The edition is of eight prints.  The print is on A3 sized paper and the printed area is about 20x14cm.  On sale now at £30 unmounted.

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Pink Pompey

TurretSpinnakerLipstickPortsmouth is a very macho kind of town.  All hairy knuckles and naval warfare, tattoos and booze.  It’s almost as if there is something to  hide.  Something a little bit camp just waiting to come to the surface.

I have uploaded a bunch of new prints from 2010 into this gallery.

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Sewing the Wind & Reaping the Whirlwind

Coned, or Sewing the WindReaping the WhirlwindContinuing my schoolboy morbid fascination with World War 2 and the horrors of mass bombing.  In the Lancaster bomber, trapped in a searchlight, seven airmen face mortal peril.  Down at ground level it’s no picnic either.  The city is ablaze and the population is fleeing.

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Extremists 2

I published this a while ago, around about the time of the European elections.  Much to my surprise it was read (in as far as I could decipher the experimental punctuation) by a BNP person, who was kind enough to comment upon it.  A timely reminder to me to post again and say to not fall for these people – they do not deserve your vote.

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Cyle Forum Logos

We’ve been trying to invent a new logo for the cycle forum.  It’s been painful but at least it gave me a pattern to play with when I wanted to try some easy cut lino.

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